At South Side we advertise your property on all the major real estate portals giving your property maximum exposure to ensure you find the right tenant sooner. Also where possible we will erect signboards to generate more interest in your property.


One of the most important aspects that will result in a smooth hassle free lease is ensuring that you get the right tenant for your property. Once a tenant lodges their application we assess a range of factors including their capacity to pay the rent on time and look after your property. Unlike many of our rivals we prioritise getting the right tenant for your property rather than just to first person that applies.


From day one we set the standard with the tenant as to our expectations for rent to be in advance at all times. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to arrears and this combined with our rigorous tenant screening has resulted in fewer tenants in arrears than many of our rivals.


When your property is leased we carry out the first inspection after 3 month and then undertake inspections every 6 months after this. You are welcome to attend these inspections with your property manager however should be not wish to attend or not have the time you will be send a report with photos on the appearance and condition of your property. In addition to this the report will also highlight any recommended maintenance and update you with the current market rent for your property providing an opportunity to review and increase the rent on your property.


While it is not necessary to have landlords insurance we strongly recommend that you do so. Chances are that you will not have to make a claim however even good tenants can have a change in circumstances such as losing a job or getting injured. The cost of landlords insurance is generally less than 1 weeks rent however the cost of not having it and needing it can be considerable.


As an investor you have a legal requirement in regards to ensuring that your property complies with smoke alarm legislation. As such we recommend that you have in place an annual service that removes the hassle of this legal requirement from you and ensures you are protected. Please note that in the event of a fire many insurance companies are now asking investors to supply evidence of maintenance and checks that have been done on smoke alarms.


During the tenancy it is likely that there will be items that need repairs or maintenance. Should your tenant report any maintenance requests we will always discuss these with you first prior to sending out tradespeople. Should you wish to undertake work yourself or have your own contractors we are happy to work with you in this regards. Alternatively if you want we have a list of licensed tradespeople that we can organise to attend the property and carry out repairs.


We provide investors with a breakdown of all rent collected and expenses paid for on monthly statements. We disburse funds to investors twice a month, on the 15th and 1st of each month. You can elect to receive your funds on one or both of these dates. The funds are deposited directly into your nominated bank account and you can receive your statements by post or email.